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If you’re gearing up to sell your Houston home, the KW Memorial real estate team is here to help! Contact us with questions and to get started on the home-selling process. In the meantime, there are steps you can take to prepare your home for a sale. These include decluttering, cleaning, organizing and staging to sell.

The first three are pretty straight-forward, but the staging step takes a bit more time and creativity, and if you have it, money and props. You can hire someone to stage your home professionally, or you can do some DIY staging. The goal is to make your home look like a model home that potential buyers can picture themselves living in.

Here are some great steps you can take:

  • Paint your walls. Over time, paint colors can fade from the sun, or look dull or dirty from wear and tear. Consider repainting some or all of the rooms in your Houston home, to make the house look cleaner and contemporary. Neutral colors work best when it comes to homebuyer appeal.
  • Style your bathrooms like a hotel. This is a bit tricky when you live in the house and use the bathroom daily, but for showings and open houses, clear all the clutter from the counter, make sure everything is clean, and display some rolled up white towels in a basket, a potted plan, and fancy soap.
  • Add a bedroom seating area. If you’ve got room to spare, and extra furniture, consider adding a chair or two in a corner or at the foot of the bed, with a side table. This gives the impression that the room is larger, as long as it’s not super cramped, and it gives the room a multi-use feel.
  • Style the coffee table. Every area of the home counts, so pay attention! On your coffee table in the living, family or great room, clear all the clutter and then display an attractive centerpiece, such as an ornamental blown glass piece or a bowl of pine cones. Build out with a magazine, stack of books, etc.
  • Model your outdoor space. Outdoor space is as important to many Houston buyers as indoor space! Stage your backyard with furnishings. Consider setting your outdoor patio table with colorful dishware. Add another sitting area off to the side, as if your outdoor space is separated into rooms, like indoors.

More staging ideas include layering with your indoor lighting, lengthening your ceilings with floor-to-ceiling curtains, painting your front door and staging the entryway, and quickly tying a room together before a showing. For more ideas and details, check out this House Beautiful article.

Enjoy staging your home to sell, and when ready to sell in the Houston real estate market, contact the KW Memorial team! As always, we are here to answer questions and to guide you through the home-selling process. All you have to do is call!

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